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Mission Statement: To transform and optimize business resources and capacity, in partnership with business management, to create leading-edge productivity, performance, and profits in small and medium-size businesses, government, corporations and non-profit organizations.



The J.B. Bell Business & Investment Consulting, Int’l toolbox of resources bundles broad expertise and knowledge of talented professionals with a track record of analysis and  problem-solving skills, who also have creative, “out-of-the-box” solutions for business sustainability.


J.B. Bell brings a spectrum of experience to each project.  J.B. looks at the issue then customizes the solution to fit the need in the best way possible.

J.B.'s background in the retail, high-tech, entertainment, real estate, non-profit, and the public sector provides a unique perspective and diverse talents, not to mention J.B.'s affinity to law and film.

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